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'96 VW Passat TDi

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Hi everyone,

I just bought a 1996 VW Passat TDi. Im loving this little engine but I've noticed that a few things are wrong with it. For one, there is a blinking red light on the dashboard for the temperature. Also, the radiator fans do not spin, no matter how long the car is on for. Does anyone know possible causes for both these problems, and how to go about fixing them ?

* the water temperature gauge gives a proper reading *

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Blinking red light could either be the coolant level to low or the sensor in the coolant tank aint working right, you can try and give the sensor prongs a scrape with a screw driver if possible, it has worked for a number of people, as for the radiator fans, I've never heard mine since I got my car about 2 years ago, they're very thermo efficient these engines so don't really waste much excess heat.

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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