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96 passat tdi 5th gear pops out

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96 tdi 69k 5 th gear pops ouT& GRINDS, OK AFTER FEW TIMES TRYING..

IS TRANNY LIKE ANY OTHER VWS 5 SPEES OR IT IS DIFF.>,.. any help is great tkankx.
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Try adjusting the shifter.

Have someone inside the car move the shifter while the car is off. Look inside the engine bay and on top of the transmission. There is a shifter bracket moving.

Loosen the back and forth nut on the plastic piece and adjust it slightly to adjust the shifter. A little adjustment results in a big movement. And if you adjust it too far, first gear will become reverse so be careful. Try this before looking into a replacement transmission.
2nd adjusting the shifter first. Just through normal wear, it will go out of adjustment.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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