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Greetings from the High Sierra,

This is my 1st post.

I am putting a '97 Passat's 1Z (175,000 miles) into a 1984 Toyota 4wd extracab with a G52 5-speed transmission. I've rebuilt both axles, replaced seals, bearings, etc..., and installed a rear disc brake conversion from Sky Manufacturing. The Passat rolling chassis sold and goes to Chicago (tomorrow) to receive a '96 Passat's engine.

The TDI swap is the most extensive automotive job I've done to date, so there's a great learning curve. It is so out of my league - that's just motivation for someone like me to see if college really taught me anything. :D This forum's DIY and FAQ sections have been invaluable. My experience replacing my '99.5 MKIV Jetta's (ALH) timing belt (& idler pulleys, water pump, crankshaft seal, etc...), installing the injector pump Viton o-ring and temp sensor, replacing strut assemblies and shocks, brakes, oil pump o-rings, etc... etc.. has been informed by several key sites, this one included. That car always runs and runs well (various mods make it extra fun).

This swap's on a budget and a timeline. It's mid-winter at 7000 feet with 12' of snow surrounding my house and me with a studded Jetta and loaner Audi wagon (that gets returned soon) to help make it happen. Work will resume soon and I need to be finished! That's what I've got.

What I lack makes it particularly interesting. I gotta admit, though, that I enjoy being resourceful in the face of ambiguity. I can make anything out of wood and make it well, but I have zero metal fab skills and ... don't know how to weld. :ugh Frustrating. I lack a number of tools, but so far, I have made do. My wiring, testing, and troubleshooting skills are developing nicely, too.

So, I am at the point of waiting (2 months almost) on a HD clutch. I have ACME's adapter plate and flywheel and pilot bushing. ACME's great. With the clutch and mating of the transmission to the engine, I'll make a 2.0 kW clockable starter work, and I'll drop the thing in the truck to see if I will have adequate clearances (turbo/starter, alternator/steering box, coolant flange/firewall are the main concerns). I'm identifying, tracing, and labeling wires from the wiring harness on my living room floor (wife likes that a lot) and pinning out the ECM. This is particularly challenging for me but I'm making progress. Engine mounts are going to be from a BMW 3 series.

Here's a very valuable, detailed wiring link, courtesy of GTiTDi on the tdiclub forum:

I am reluctant to mess with the turbo as it spooled loud and clear and worked very well in the Passat, which I drove and got to know over 4 months. I am deleting the EGR stuff and aiming for the race pipe from Dieselgeek (the 1Z is a '97, exempt from CA smog requirements). I'll replace the IP o-ring with a Viton one and do the temp sensor while I'm in the IP. Timing belt kit, new rear main seal, valve cover and oil pan gaskets, too.

I am documenting most everything - PNs, prices, web resources, free online Passat manuals, OEM parts suppliers, @!#$$* parts suppliers, and generally helpful links for the next person who does this. It is only because of others' generous documentation and sharing of information that I took this on. I enjoy fostering self-reliance. I don't enjoy the slow demise of quality I'm witnessing all around me. It's very encouraging to see others taking initiative, continuing learning, innovating, recognizing failure as a great teacher, and building something vs. just buying it. Thanks to everyone contributing to greater automotive knowledge and self reliance.

I'll shut up now and go start labeling Toyota wiring.

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