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I'll tell you that there are only 200 TDI to be shipped to the US this year if you'll rub my belly :)

Seriously, they just make this stuff up. Supply has been low but they are slowly but surely increasing supply. Just go to cars.com and do a search for 2010 Golf TDI.

1. Xenon headlights are a lot brighter, self levelling, and turn into corners. Once you go bright you'll have seen the light.

2. The RNS is a nice toy but an expensive one. If you need a GPS get a Garmin.

3. Yes, the Jetta and Golf come in 4 door manual.

4. Purchasing in state is the same as out of state. Don't pay sales tax at the dealer, pay it when you register the car. If the local guy says why you didn't buy from them just say you found one of the 600.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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