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:rolleyes: seriously, the salesman will say anything to move inventory. The next few months is the best time because it looks like the tax incentive will be cut in half after June.

Xenon headlights would cost over $2000 + labor if you want to add them later. $700 is a good price. They're much brighter and will light up the road more clearly. The housings also make the car look better. As others said, they also turn into corners, making driving safer. Can't comment on the other stuff but the GPS system has gotten good reviews. Vs. a portable system it shows directions on the instrument cluster and speaks over the car stereo. I'm not sure about Dynaudio though because if you get it you probably won't be able to swap in an aftermarket system without swapping everything out. The monsoons were that way. And for $700 or whatever they are charging, you could put in nice aftermarket speakers.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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