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600 TDIs to be shipped to the U.S.? (and other questions)

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I am looking to purchase a 2010 TDI Golf within the next couple of months. I am speaking with a few dealerships around the country and one in Wisconsin told me that there are only supposed to be 600 TDIs shipped to the U.S. this year? That seems sort of rediculous...is it true?

On another note, I had a few questions. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

1) What are the merits of the xenon headlights? I know many people highly suggest them - but why?

2) How is the navigation system on this vehicle? Would you purchase a nav as an option or get one from an aftermarket source?

3) Does anyone know of any 4 door manual TDIs? I think this is the rarest breed...

4) Has anyone purchased out of state? Do you recommend it?

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I'll tell you that there are only 200 TDI to be shipped to the US this year if you'll rub my belly :)

Seriously, they just make this stuff up. Supply has been low but they are slowly but surely increasing supply. Just go to cars.com and do a search for 2010 Golf TDI.

1. Xenon headlights are a lot brighter, self levelling, and turn into corners. Once you go bright you'll have seen the light.

2. The RNS is a nice toy but an expensive one. If you need a GPS get a Garmin.

3. Yes, the Jetta and Golf come in 4 door manual.

4. Purchasing in state is the same as out of state. Don't pay sales tax at the dealer, pay it when you register the car. If the local guy says why you didn't buy from them just say you found one of the 600.
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I heard that they bring 1200 each year but that just before entering US territorial waters, they push 600 off the decks of the cargo ship just to piss off people with waiting orders. They film it, it's on youtube.:BS
:rolleyes: seriously, the salesman will say anything to move inventory. The next few months is the best time because it looks like the tax incentive will be cut in half after June.

Xenon headlights would cost over $2000 + labor if you want to add them later. $700 is a good price. They're much brighter and will light up the road more clearly. The housings also make the car look better. As others said, they also turn into corners, making driving safer. Can't comment on the other stuff but the GPS system has gotten good reviews. Vs. a portable system it shows directions on the instrument cluster and speaks over the car stereo. I'm not sure about Dynaudio though because if you get it you probably won't be able to swap in an aftermarket system without swapping everything out. The monsoons were that way. And for $700 or whatever they are charging, you could put in nice aftermarket speakers.
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Just go to cars.com and do a search for 2010 Golf TDI.
Thanks for search tip. I only found two TDIs that matched what I want and they are far, far away and 129 Golf TDI of all kind on dealer lots as of this posting time.
Now that I have this tool, I can search from time to time to check on any new additions to inventories closer to me. :thumbsup
I have to admit, I would never order a car with xenon headlights. In my opinion they should be outlawed. They are way to bright, if not blinding and very annoying to other drivers. Being a veteran police officer and current accident investigator, I am surprised that the government allowed these lights to be legal. Unfortunately, they're currently legal so do as your heart sees fit, but seriously consider the other driver, or the last time you had a vehicle equipped with these things either behind you for a long period of time or coming at you on a a dark road.
How many of those headlights had self leveling or were on SUVs? VW xenons all have self leveling systems. It's not required in the US and as a result many cars with xenons have poorly adjusted beams that blind other drivers.
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