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5th gear swap

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Finally got the 5th gear swap done on my 05.5 jetta. I went with the tallest gear but I don't see the 500 rpm difference. Only seeing about 300rpm change. BTW, yes I am sure i got the taller gear. Only thing I can think of is maybe the speedo was somehow effected by the change and is now not reading 5mph faster than the car is really going (if I understand the speedo this is not possible). I would check this out but the GPS is acting up.

This mod has taken a toll and been more expensive than planned. I have a small hitch on the car to tow around a very lite trailer that I throw stuff in when the family goes tent camping. Was pulling stuff out of the trunk when starting work and cracked my shin on the hitch. Thought nothing of it until about 45 min later my shin starts feeling weird and I look down and the jeans leg is streached tight due to the swelling. It is now a week and a half later and the doc gives me antibiotics and tells me If I don't stay home from work and keep it elivated he will probably see me in a couple days just to admit me to the hospital for a 10 day course off IV antibiotics. Unfortunatly no leave time built up so this is without pay. jaw drops

No problem, just goes to show you never know what will happen and what can go wrong
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Bummer and OUCH! One of my best ones was chopping logs and a chunk came flying back at me and hit me right in the bottom of the knee cap. I just about passed out at the time but wierdly about 10 minutes later it was totally fine. Hope your leg gets better soon though.:)
Get well soon.

The speedo works off the wheel sensor so it's not affected by a gearing change. Wheel -tire size has a factor in rpm change and the mk5 has taller gearing than the mk3-mk4 as well.
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