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I'm a spanish owner's of a seat ibiza 6L 1.4 tdi 70cv PD (engine type BNM). I spent a lot of time searching for some information of the speedbox of this engine because it's too short: 3000rpm in 5th = 120km/h.

Nowadays, the car is chipped; about 105cv and 231Nm max torque. I'm going to change the clutch to put another one much harder and i think i can swap another 5th to decrease diesel's consume and get more speed.

I saw this post an i have a lot of doubts.


In future i will mount PD130 turbo's and fmic so 5th of AGR would be a good mod. With stock turbo, maybe i'll have less torque in 5th so i should have to put 4th to get into drop ramps...

· ¿Can i put the 5th plug&play on my speedbox?
· ¿What should i need? ¿Only those two gears?
· I would like to swap 5th gear of an AGR (1.9tdi 90cv (GOLF III, IBIZA -02...) thats fits 120km/h a 2200rpm in 5th.

Tahnk you at all

Sorry for my bad english...

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We didn't have that BNM engine in North America so I'm not sure. If it's a 5 speed it's possible that the 5th gear mod may work but I also don't know your gearing.

Look at the gearing calculator http://www.myturbodiesel.com/1000q/tirewheelCalc.htm - it also takes into account wheel size. Enter your final drive and existing wheel sizes and then play around with the 5th gear ratio to figure out about which gearing you need. Then figure out which model gear will fit your transmission, hope this helps!
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