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4750 miles on my new Golf TDI (North to Alaska)

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My wife and I picked up our new Black Golf TDI DSG in New Jersey and drove it 4750 miles to Alaska in 8 days. I think we can say we put it through it's paces. I will post my thoughts on the trip in a few days. I will say I really love the car, it drives great even on snow with standard tires; and comfortable even on a 800 mile day.

I paid MSRP for the car I wanted and didn't want to wait for a TDI to show up at the local dealer. The drive across the continent was a bonus for me, I always wanted to make that trip; it was a real adventure in the middle of winter.
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Congrats! You must have the most mileage on one of these yet. With this recent snow storm it must have been hairy.
300 miles in a blizzard was pretty scary!


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It looks like a kid who pigged out on powdered donuts. Brave man!
Glad to see it drove so well! I'm looking at driving down to New Orleans from Cincinnati for the bowl game but still a little bit cautious of putting so many miles on it from the start. I was hoping to baby it some more with the break-in method chitty recommends on the site. But if noone else can drive....

well, at least it'll be great gas mileage! What was your final average MPG dhrubin? I know cold driving and blizzard driving probably don't make for the most fuel efficient conditions, but just curious.
Remember I was driving quite hard and fast most of the time. Tank by Tank my mileage varied between 36 and 39mpg.
It's always good to see a car in its natural state - in use. I don't get excited by cars posing for pics on a turntable.
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