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I was playing around with VCDS on my OEM HID headlight equipped 2006 VW Jetta TDI (it was retrofitted) and was trying to activate the high beam halogens at the same time as the high beam xenon.

When the headlights are off, the high beams are flash to pass lights only (pull the turn signal stalk). When the headlights are on, the high beams are not used at all. When you activate high beams, the cut off shutters raise, exposing the high beam part of the lens.

This assumes an OEM installation. If you don't run the wire to the CECM to enable the high beam shutters, when you switch to high beams, when you turn on the high beams, the low beam xenon stay on and the halogen high beams turn on. It's not possible to have both high beams on at the same time regardless of CECM coding.

I was searching for more info and found that (oddly enough, in a post by quailallstar for his GTI) if you change the instrument cluster coding to UK, you can enable this through the CECM. Many cars are like this from the factory and because you shouldn't be blinding other cars with high beams, so it's safe and legal as long as the fogs are off when the high beams are on.

Procedure in the FAQ article linked below:
teaser pic
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