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3 bar map sensor

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Would I benefit from more power if I got one of these? Could I use one if I got enough power upgrades?
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No, and don't do it. A lot of A4 cars that have upgraded the other items use a 3 bar map sensor. You also need a chip tuned for it. I don't even know if the passat has a 3 bar map sensor premade map out here because the ECU is somewhat limited in it's tuning ability and there are a lot less people doing the mod with your car. I suppose you could but first concentrate on other things.
I would think that nozzles, a new turbo, intercooler, exhaust, and custom chip tuning would be best. You would have to talk to your chip tuner to figure out if it's right for you, for most people the answer is maybe.
I have had a chip, nozzles, stock turbo and 3 bar map for over 6 month, and works beautiful, last night I started pulling my VNT15 out to install the new comer VNT17/22, nice little project
I'm not sure of the benefits on the b4 1z engine. The ALH engine it's definitely in the more advanced upgrade path. MAXRPM, the engine should be a beast when you're done!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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