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Hi all,
As usual I am on the road in Maryland and I thought I would put out some thoughts on the car after pumping out 20K on it already.
The fit and finish of all interior materials is holding up great. My only beef is the low grade quality of the gauge bezel plastic which is scratched and spider webbed dispite using micro fiber cloths on it. A thumbs up to the paint quality as my little dark grey machine had a run in with someones door in my hotel parking lot. there is a very slight ding but was one hell of a scuff on the door about four inches long. Much to my surprise the paint damage buffed out with a quick coat of polish and wax.
I have had one technical issue other than the converter box recall. I had most of the dash warning lights come on (see previous post) but the car never stopped running and seemed ok. Fuel consumption was high was the only real observable condition. I took it to a dealer and they applied a software flash and the car has been great since. My overall deal experinance has been great with both places the car has been.
I drive from Maine to NJ often. I have found the fuel mileage to be as advertised with 44-45 being average when I observe the speed limits and around 38 being my mixed (25% city, 75% highway). When I get real froggy and drive fast I have yet to see below 38.....driving fast....sometimes very. My very best tank has been 52.8 driving around 60 MPH average, trolling in the slow lane. Overall I feel like I understand what I am going to get based on how I am driving. It is very predictable and returns consistant numbers.
The few disappointments I have are the garbage Kumo tires instead of the Conti's. The lack of wet grip is alarming and I have been surprised on a few occasions just how quick they will give up the front end. I don't think im being picky either but there have been a few times the car would start to plow and I found myself thinking "really?....going this slow?????". Aquaplanning isn't the issue.
I am bummed that i have that vanilla gauge cluster and 15 inch wheels when the wagon has the Golf style 16 inch tires and wheels with the segmented cluster. it just looks better and if I had noticed that before I purchased the sedan i would have bought a wagon. It's just vanilla!
As it has become progressively hotter I can feel the engine power taper off a bit. More aftercooling capacity would have been nice.
If I dont have an ignition switch than design a place to put the damm key fob. I dont want it in my pocket, I put my phone in the shifter console and if I stick it anywhere other than the cup holder I get the no key indicator on the display. Put a fake key hole in the dash...I just dont want them rattling around stuffed where they dont belong.
Other than that not to bad....It has been a trusty little mule. Matt
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