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Please help. I have a 2014 Passat TDI 2.0L that just died on me while driving about 6 weeks ago. I had it towed back to my home and have been working on it on weekends ever since. I first found that the high-pressure fuel pump had metal shavings in it, so I did all the following:
*Drained and cleaned out fuel tank.
*Drained and cleaned out fuel filter housing and changed filter.
*Flushed all fuel lines front to back and all components.
*Primed fuel system and bled all air.
*Manually disassembled all four fuel injectors and made sure all ports would spray mist. Note: no injectors were clogged or had any metal in them but cleaned anyway.
*Changed high pressure fuel pump to a new one.
*Changed water pump (found it had a small leak in weep hole)
*Changed all pulleys and tensioner pully for timing belt.
*Changed timing belt and lined up perfectly with alignment tools. (Did this three different times until perfect).
*Changed Drive belt.
*Got a code for cam shaft sensor\crank shaft P01600 so changed both sensors.
*Changed oil cooler and oil filter housing since it was cheaper than new gaskets and included a new filter and gaskets.
Still just cranks and turns over and over but won't even try to start. Still getting P01600 code even though I changed both sensors and made sure all components lined up with TDC using alignment tools. Also primed the fuel all the way to the injectors before ever cranking. Getting 4800psi at rail with live diagnostic tool when cranking. But it doesn't make sense that this car died on me all of a sudden while driving about 10mph in a parking lot. But it doesn't make sense that this car died on me suddenly while driving about 10mph in a parking lot. Never attempted to sputter or start ever since. It has compression and after changing all the above I'm at a loss. I've never had a vehicle give me this much problem starting. Any possible leads in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. I've read many forums which is what let me to finding metal shavings but being that the HPFP had not yet clogged my injectors leads me to believe that it was going out and not catastrophic failure yet. Either way I don't think now that this is what caused my vehicle to suddenly stop since none of the injectors were clogged. Also, the glow plug coil light flashes when trying to start on the dashboard. Please help.
Thank you,
Brian Prevost
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