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The 2013 Porsche Cayenne diesel is a landmark for Porsche. A diesel Porsche? Why not. The Cayenne is based off the Touareg (the chassis and doors are the same) but with different suspension and steering, and front/rear body.

It gets the 2013 TDI engine that is also in the Touareg and Q7 for 2013. Europe got this engine upgrade last year. Major highlights of this engine are 55 lb weight reduction, 2 timing chains instead of 4, 240hp instead of 225 (torque is the same), 2mpg/3mpg city/highway greater fuel economy. The engine intake manifold flaps were also changed and the turbo got lower friction bearings. One state of the art feature is an electric water pump with separate cooling circuits for the engine head and block and an oil cooler bypass. This helps engine warm up times which reduces emissions and increases fuel economy.

This one only had 2000 miles so it wasn't broken in yet but mpg should be in the low-mid 20s depending on driving style. It really puts the Sport in SUV and the car gets a lot of attention. You don't see new Cayenne too often (at least not where I live) and I must say the car is really good looking.

Read the link above for my full buying guide and virtual walkaround.
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