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2012 VW Passat TDI forum buying guide and review article is up

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In addition to the world exclusive first post anywhere about the new VW Passat: http://www.myturbodiesel.com/forum/...nms-will-still-2012-vw-passat-tdi-specs-5138/ , I've put some more introductory information on the new 2012 VW Passat TDI into a new buying guide. You can view the article here: http://www.myturbodiesel.com/1000q/b7/2012-vw-passat-tdi-forum-buying-guide.htm

At this point there's not too much on the features but as more news is released, the article will be fleshed out. I did put a comparison to one of the Passat's target cars, the Camry....but since the guide is for TDI, the comparison is to the Camry hybrid. The TDI blows the hybrid out of the water for highway mpg. VW hasn't released city mpg rating for the Passat TDI but I suspect it will be close.

Some things we do know about the car are features like the fender-panasonic audio system, homelink, and that it uses Adblue. You must still use 507.00 engine oil.

Some things we don't know as of this writing are: will there be a VW Passat TDI station wagon for 2012? Or maybe 2013? As more information comes out the article will be edited.
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I have a pretty good feeling a similar engine may show up on a 2014 or 2015 Audi A4 as well. It's annoying that they couldn't just strap down and get it down for this generation but they've stated that it's not going to happen. The Audi A6 will get the 3.0L engine.

There are no more Passat reviews, will add them as they come up.
Now that the SE and SEL models have been going around car shows, here are some differences between the SE and SEL based off the car show demos. The final trim specs may be slightly different and some things may be optional. For example, the SE is shown with 18" wheels and the RNS 315 GPS but I have a hard time believing that these are standard on the SE. More likely is 17" wheels and the RCD510 radio. Consider this all preliminary information until the official order sheets are released (leaked :))
The buying guide has also been updated.

The VW Passat TDI SE comes with:

-alloy wheels (might be 17")
-fog lamps
-RNS 315 GPS system w/sirius
-8 way driver power seat and 6 way passenger power seat
-MDI w/iPod adapter
-leatherette (vinyl) interior
-leather steering wheel, shift knob, and parking brake handle
-full multifunction steering wheel and display
-auto headlights and auto dimming interior rear mirror
-rear multilink suspension
-rear spoiler
-electric assist steering (saves energy)
-dual zone auto climate control
-engine block heater
-cold weather pack (heated front seats and windshield washer nozzles)
-soft touch dashboard (higher quality plastic)

The VW Passat TDI SEL adds:

-18" alloy wheels
-RNS 510 GPS system
-KESSY and remote engine start
-leather interior
-Fender audio system
-memory function on the side view mirrors and power seats
-comfort sport seats
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Updated the article for final specs. The build configurator is online at VW.com

Also, I am now using lightboxes for most images on the FAQ pages from now on. This is the first page to get it and will give the pages a more consistent look. These are pop up boxes that seamlessly open thumbnails in the same window instead of opening a new window. Now that I'm using thumbnails, I can put up more pictures in the same page without overloading it.
Preliminary Canadian pricing added.

I still haven't found official pricing or specs for Canada yet.
Awesome, will add this to the FAQ now!

Of note, right now it looks like you can only get a manual transmission on base cars in the US! In Canada you can get them at all 3 trim levels.

In Highline, the DSG automatic transmission option is $1,625 instead of $1,400. This must be a typo?

Also, this contradicts my earlier conclusion that all Passat TDI will have the auto dimming rear view mirror and auto headlights/wipers, only US will be like that. Canadian Passat TDI can have auto headlights/wipers without the auto dimming rear view mirror. It will be a snap to add one if they chose to though.

Oddly enough, the highline does not include memory seats and exterior mirrors in Canada. It says you need to get the V6 to get this.
Added a few updates to the buying guide.

First, the engine is definitely different. Some of the major changes: side feed fuel injectors instead of top feed. According to my tech literature, they are also solenoid injectors instead of piezo injectors. Don't know why this was changed because piezo injectors can cycle much faster and much more accurately than solenoid.

The engine uses an air-water intercooler instead of a large front mount air-air intercooler. The intercooler is also much smaller. Don't know why.

The DPF should be much easier to remove. It's easily visible at the back of the engine and there's a ton more room than the Jetta-Golf-Sportwagen. There could be as much as 6 inches more room between the engine and the firewall - I didn't have a ruler but there's a ton of space. Yes there's still a high-low pressure EGR and exhaust throttle but the engine is tuned differently.

Also, I think a lot of people will have questions like why doesn't this feature or that feature work? Here is one question answered: how do I get the mirror lowering option to work.

I'm not 100% sure but believe this will not work on the SE since it does not have memory driver seat. I believe it's only for the SEL since you need a highline door module for this to work and memory seat. Can someone with a SE or if you don't have memory driver seat tell me if you have this option in your multifunction display or if it works on your car?

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With the 09 coded for mirror tilting, I do have it in the MFA of my SE but it doesn't seem to work. Mine does not have memory seats.
You have an SE so it won't work, it needs memory seats.

I added this question and answer to the buying guide. You probably thought it was real suede right?

Is that real suede on the SEL comfort-sport seats?

No, it's dinamica, a high quality brand of microfiber that looks like suede. It's breatheable, durable, and fire/stain resistant. The rest of the leather seating area is made from leather but the dinamica contains no leather. It's advertised as pill-free which means it should wear better than Alcantara fake-suede. If it makes you feel any better, it's made from polyurethane fibers and recycled polyester and is also found on Mercedes Benz as an upgrade (and where most also think it's real suede). You can read more about Dinamica here: http://www.dinamicamiko.com/miko/azienda/miko?language=2
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Buying guide updated for 2014 models. VW Car-Net is the big one. It's basically like Onstar. All TDI get backup cameras.

Also, there are rumors that the NMS Passat will be facelifted for 2015/2016. This may include HID headlights.

The EA888 next generation engine will also be used across the TDI 4 cylinder line, don't know when the Passat will get it exactly.
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