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2012 VW Golf TDI w/Tech Pkg 4dr 6M

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I just picked up a 2012 VW Golf TDI w/ Tech Pkg 4dr 6M in Graphite Blue Metallic last night!

  • The Xenons do have LED DRL
  • There are NO LED taillights
  • Includes KESSY! (Keyless Ignition)
  • 17-inch Salamanca wheels
  • Sunroof
  • RNS-315 Navigation Radio
  • Dynaudio premium sound system
  • Titan Black Cloth Interior
It is going to take me a while to learn how to use the stereo/nav unit! So far, so good. It is very nice and fun to drive! What a joy to drive vs. my old Toyota Matrix XRS 6M!


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To OP,

Can you check if the onboard computer can display the KM/H option?

Thank you in advance.
To Zweeks,

Thanks for checking this out for me. ^_^
To scooter617,

Would you mind to PM me the final cost break down of your newly purchase dub?


I just picked up a 2012 last night with the sunroof/Nav package to replace my 2010 that had been in a collision. I also negotiated $300 below invoice initially using a buying service. Virginia dealers can charge hefty doc fees, so I negotiated $100 over invoice out the door + taxes & tags. Vehicle was ordered at the beginning of may and just got off the boat two Thursdays ago. Several dealers in the area were willing to match or better the offer, so they must be desperate.
Thx TDIStevestr,

That solve my question and hopefully that 2012 is the same.

On the 2011's in the trip computer there is an option to show "alternate speed" I think. This will give you km/h right above the odometer in the center display.


Second (Box Ticked):

Result (Note that with this ON you cannot get the MPH to show up in a larger number above it):
no sweat! Thanks for any confirmation that I can get. :)
1 - 6 of 42 Posts
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