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Hello! I'll try and make this short and to the point:
I have DPF light on. Low power which feels a bit like
limp mode. Yesterday as I was driving about 45 mph,
I turned off car and restarted and the power was restored!
If DPF were clogged, why would power be restored?
Could it be sensor before DPF?
SIDENOTE: I removed transmission/reinstalled and I left
off clamp holding on EGR tube closest to firewall. It popped off
while driving and shortly thereafter DPF light came on and low power.
Thank you for any advice/input some of you might be able to offer!

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First posts normally go in introductions else you could get a free fix and we never see you again!!!

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Any problems search TDI Wiki as that covers write ups and forum posts.

You need to get your motor scanned (preferably with VAG-COM\VCDS) for any error codes logged in the ecu and post them, that will save a lot of guessing and check systems out.

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Agreed, I'd scan for codes and go from there.

I just replaced the G450/451 sensors after experiencing similar issues but you won't know without pulling codes first.
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