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2011 vw jetta 2.0 tdi - low fuel rail pressure after hpfp replacement

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Hi I'm having a p0087 low fuel pressure code after replacing hpfp. It triggers everytime I rev the car past 2300 rpms. Until that point it runs fine. I can drive for 1hr with no problems as long as I baby it. I have been driving with my code scanner attached and deleting code but everytime the cruise control has to rev up for a hill it happens. The auxiliary pump is also making noise.

I bought the disaster repair kit. I have done the following.
*new hpfp
*all new injectors
*new hard lines& rubber lines
*some hard lines and rubber cleaned
*flushed tank
*flushed return and feed lines
*new filter housing and filter
*new return lines from injectors including round plastic inline valve(not sure of name)
* new auxiliary pump(replaced twice thru warranty)
*new in tank fuel pump (replaced twice thru warranty)
*had vw dealership encode injectors
*new fuel rail and sensor
* I looked all over the car and cant find any leaks anywhere.
*primed the auxiliary pump and in tank pump for 2 60 second cycles everytime I opened the fuel system
*I also double checked timing after issue occured.
* I cant find any metal shavings in the system

When i originally fixed hpfp failure i drove to work with no issues for 45mins as i normally do around 75mph. Then the light came on. Car seems to be putting it in limp mode/rev limiting until i clear the code. I would appreciate anyone who can help me shed some light of this situation.

-thank you
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problem solved I had the feed and return line switched at the in-tank fuel pump. I noticed the little arrow with an "r " on top of fuel pump
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