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2011 TDI Touareg

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Hello everyone. Glad to join with you from Southern Saskatchewan, Canada.

We love our TDI Touareg when it works but, we are not certain we will ever get it to running properly again. It was 9 months in the shop (May 2022 through January 2023) having its diesel gate rebuild rebuilt under guarantee. Still not running. New issue that is not under warrantee -- Will not start or even turn over. This is our 4th VW in last 20 years and 3rd TDI. All the others worked well.
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I bought my 2013 at 112K. We are about to hit 150k. It has been solid. I do have a minor oil leak that I am tracking down, but the motor and trans have been solid otherwise. My driver's door window switch is intermittent, and I broke the sun visor friction hold, so it hangs straight down if I don't clip it up. I will eventually grab some replacement parts from ebay, I just have not yet.
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