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2011 TDI Touareg

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Hello everyone. Glad to join with you from Southern Saskatchewan, Canada.

We love our TDI Touareg when it works but, we are not certain we will ever get it to running properly again. It was 9 months in the shop (May 2022 through January 2023) having its diesel gate rebuild rebuilt under guarantee. Still not running. New issue that is not under warrantee -- Will not start or even turn over. This is our 4th VW in last 20 years and 3rd TDI. All the others worked well.
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The DEF pump went out and a new one was not available. After about 3 months a new DEF pump became available. The car sat in the VW lot. When the pump was put in, a series of items that eventually included every piece including the intake manifold(once) and the EGR system (3 or 4 times) that had been replaced or adjusted under the EPA mandated diesel-gate rebuild. We drove the Touareg less than 200 km over the next months. Most of the time the vehicle never left the VW shop as something else would stop working as soon as the shop drove it to test the new part or adjustment. We requested that VW consider purchasing the Touareg from us. They refused even though they had over $10,000 in vehicle rentals and at least 20 to 30 thousand in parts and labor by this time. In January we were informed that the Touareg tested fully repaired so, after VW refused to consider a buyback, we took possession of the Touareg. It still had about 30,000 km or November of 2024 warrantee from the diesel-gate rebuild. We then put less than a thousand KM on the Touareg when a steering fault appeared on the dash and the engine will not turn over at all now. This issue does not appear to be under the warrantee and may cost over $2000 to replace one or two sensors in the steering column. We are working with a mechanic and VW Tech person to try to pinpoint the problem and any possible work arounds.
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. . .every piece including . . . were again replaced or rebuilt.
Thank you. I will do some checking.
Good to know, Doug. Thank you.
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