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Yes, the DSG takes some time to get used to. Shifting down into sport mode helps manage the bucking tendencies at low speeds. My 2011 JSW doesn't like the rolling 15-MPH turn at the end of my street, as the DSG holds onto 3rd too long and rides the RPM all the way down 1,000 RPM before dropping down into 2nd.

The bucking inherent to DSG transmissions is due to the hard mechanical engine to transmission connection vice the soft fluid coupling thru a torque converter that conventional automatic transmissions use.

I also like to drive in sport mode during stop and go traffic: quick pick up with better throttle response and additional engine braking to manage your spacing without going back and forth between the gas and the brake pedal.

You can shift back and forth between "D" and "S" at will and at anytime.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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