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2011 Passat pics leaked, wagon too

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The picture is from a German VW Brochure. I don't know if this car is even coming to the US because of the NMS, the New Midsize Sedan to be built in the new Tennessee plant. There have been rumors about the naming of the NMS as the 2011 VW Passat but they will definitely have the Passat in Europe. Maybe the NMS will be a decontented (feature wise and engineering wise) Passat that looks the same. At this point :dunno At least they have announced that they intend to put the 2.0 TDI engine into the next Passat NMS.


The spyspot of the wagon:

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The rear looks saggging. Either they've got heavy test equipment or the camo is sagging.
I like. Put a luxury badge on it and nobody could tell the difference. I would have said Audi but they all have the big chrome nose on them.
The new name for the US Passat NMS: Usassat.
Is it just me or do those pix make the car look really freaking long, like a hearse? Maybe the pictures are just distorted by camera, lens, manipulation or something?

Why is it that nearly all the manufactures are making every line of car bigger? I recall when the Honda Accord use to be the size of the current Civic, the Toyota Corolla the size of the old Camry, the Toyota Tacoma the size of well....I guess there is no such thing as a small truck any longer. Have you guys seen the new Subaru Outback? What a lumbering and hideous looking tank! And now VW appears to be on the bigger is better kick. Erg....this inferiorates me. WE NEED TO BUILD CARS SMALLER PEOPLE!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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