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2011 JSW TDI DSG with a knocking noise!

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We have a 2011 JSW DSG with 6500 or so miles on it. We've noticed a rattle or knock or pinging at start up. It continues it seems till the car is warm. There seems to be no proformance issues. It didn't do it at the 6000 mile check up. The dealer asked what gas station we used and they recommended we change stations. We were using Shell in WI. Now using Exon. We think it maybe injectors, but once it is warm it doesn't make a sound. The nearest dealer is 45 minutes away, which means that it will be warm by the time we get there.

What are your thoughts?
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The longer I own any vehicle (car or motorcycle) and the more in tune I become with it, the more little knocks and noises I hear. In the absence of any additional indicators (performance, leaks...) I would just monitor it.

I have seen a few threads about new TDIs leaking at the injector: coming loose, cracks... I would pop the noise shield and take a look for leaks.

Here is the link to the leaking injectors: http://www.myturbodiesel.com/forum/f19/fuel-leak-5802/

I know your complaint/observation is a noise, but a leaking injector would not operate as designed until the air is purged from the system.

As for the possibility of it being the classic diesel ping, a shot of cetane treatment/boost in the tank would change the attributes of the noise if it is just a cold diesel noise you are hearing.
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