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The owners manual for my 2011 USA JSW DSG does not have any specifications for trailer towing. I would like to hear from someone that might know the towing specs for the Euro DSG. Also, does anyone know where, or from whow, to order a Bosal towbar? I understand that PF Jones has Westfallia & ships to the US. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Well we don't have the Jetta anymore in the UK but you can google it towing specs.

http://www.uktow.com/towing capacity.asp#tab1

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Good Day Bob,
Volkswagen Group of America does not recommend towing with the Jetta
Sportwagen, and therefore we do not offer a tow hitch for this model.

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Volkswagen Accessories
There is no difference in capacity towing with DSG/Automatic/manual.
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