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2011 Jetta TDI stalling at mid-range speeds

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Hi, I have had this car since March 1, a little over 5.5K mi. Every once in a while, about 6 times total, I have been driving between 40-55 mph and the car stalls/hesitates. It is a very noticeable hesitation that is very short lived. I don't think it is just a fuel delivery problem since I have completely taken my foot off the pedal and then back on and it has a completely different reaction. Not as violent and it takes much longer. This car has the 6-speed manual and I usually keep it between 1400 and 1800 rpm.

Once my "03 Ford diesel pickup did this and it turned out to be a cam position sensor. Any chance this is the same problem?

BTW, other than this, the car is running really well. I did a run down to Logan, UT and back last week and averaged over 46 MPG
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These cars don't like to be driven with too light a foot all the time.

The vanes in the turbo need to be exercised every now and then.

Try a few blasts to 4500 rpm and see if your symptoms diminish. If so, great. If not, you need a diagnostic scan. This is not normal.

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