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2011 Jetta TDI stalling at mid-range speeds

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Hi, I have had this car since March 1, a little over 5.5K mi. Every once in a while, about 6 times total, I have been driving between 40-55 mph and the car stalls/hesitates. It is a very noticeable hesitation that is very short lived. I don't think it is just a fuel delivery problem since I have completely taken my foot off the pedal and then back on and it has a completely different reaction. Not as violent and it takes much longer. This car has the 6-speed manual and I usually keep it between 1400 and 1800 rpm.

Once my "03 Ford diesel pickup did this and it turned out to be a cam position sensor. Any chance this is the same problem?

BTW, other than this, the car is running really well. I did a run down to Logan, UT and back last week and averaged over 46 MPG
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I 've had the same thing happen a couple times to be exact...2011 Jetta with 7950 mile. DSG.
My Ford Expediton had the same issue and turned out it was the fuel pump going bad. Let's cross our fingers and hope this isn't the same thing. I know...not comparing the Ford to the VW but same symptoms sometimes lead to similar issues.
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