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2011 Jetta Sportwagen TDI Service Reminder Malfunction?

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I'm the proud new owner of a 2011 Jetta Sportwagen TDI. In the Multi Function Display there is a Service Interval display with Miles and Days until service. Both have dashes rather than numbers. When I try to reset them as per the manual on page 20 nothing changes. Shouldn't this have started counting down the day I picked up the car with only 13 miles on it? I now have over 500 miles. I called the dealer and they just repeated what the manual said. Does anyone else have this problem or any suggestions?


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Thanks. There is an option to reset it through the MFI but when I do so nothing changes. I don't have a VAG-COM (all Apple in this house). I'll take it back to the dealership.
I went back to the dealership, Quirk VW in Braintree, MA. The service manager sat in the car and did the exact same thing I did and tried to reset the service interval through the MFD. No change, still no values displayed for either mileage or days remaining to next service. So he got his foreman. He sat there and did the same thing and then announced it wouldn't start counting down until I'd reached a thousand miles. That doesn't sound right. My acquaintance has the same car but it's a DSG automatic and a month older than my 6 speed manual. His car had values right out of the dealership and he showed me pictures taken when he photographed every part of the car (good idea) to show that when it only 300 miles on it. Plus nothing in the owner's manual says anything about waiting a thousand miles. So I called VW and they gave me a case # and said the regional case manager would call me by end of day tomorrow.
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Just got a call from a Marcel at VW customer service. He wanted to confirm some facts, said he didn't have an answer yet but was working on it, and would call me back Monday. Very amiable and friendly. He also wanted to confirm exactly what the dealership had said...that the countdown mileage and time remaining would appear after a thousand miles. It sounded like he'd never heard that one before. Mine has a build date of 17 January. I'll post as soon as I hear anything else. Please see the photo of the service reminder in action with less than a thousand miles on it. That's from my friend's DSG Automatic in January. The other photo is mine yesterday. I'll post again after I've heard back from them.


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It was from Quirk's NH dealership. They brought it down to Braintree for me since it had the color, transmission, and premium package I wanted but the sticker clearly shows it was a Quirk car from the beginning.
VW followed up with me with no concrete result. They just don't have an answer. As it's still under 500 miles since I tried the reset I'll just leave it alone and hope it comes on by itself soon. I just don't want it to indicate something else is wrong...airbags or something important. But if it's the case that it takes a few hundred miles for the reminder to come on then that should be stated in the manual and VW personnel should know it.

Thanks for the feedback. I hope to post soon that the reminder is on and that this thread is history.
Mine finally flipped on at 900 miles. I have suggested to VW that they should amend their user's manual to explain this or, better yet, make it start counting down from the day the first owner drives off the lot.
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