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2011 Jetta Sportwagen TDI Service Reminder Malfunction?

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I'm the proud new owner of a 2011 Jetta Sportwagen TDI. In the Multi Function Display there is a Service Interval display with Miles and Days until service. Both have dashes rather than numbers. When I try to reset them as per the manual on page 20 nothing changes. Shouldn't this have started counting down the day I picked up the car with only 13 miles on it? I now have over 500 miles. I called the dealer and they just repeated what the manual said. Does anyone else have this problem or any suggestions?


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I think this service reminder is :BS not for the way it does it for the way it counts it. Now I didn't notice you could show this info in the MFD menus for a couple of months.

I had my first service a couple of weeks ago. I forgot to check the next service info for a couple of days but when I did it said 379 days or 9300 miles. Its a bleeding computer doesn't it know how many days in a years or add up miles and next service is current mileage 6k plus 10k?

I've just checked it and it says 8900 miles 346 days and I've done 600 miles since the service.

As Gadifer's first picture shows the date a miles don't add up. The crap that you have to do 1000 miles before anything shows is more :BS.

Go back to the dealers and let them sort it.

Keith...the computer doesn't just do 10000 miles or 365 days...it actually monitors oil quality using sensors and your driving patterns. That's how it calculates the time till next service. It will keep adjusting this way until your service is due. Its a precise method of calculating your true service requirement. I believe in the VCDS you can make it just count days and miles instead of using quality sensors and driving patterns. I'd much rather use the default calculation.

I'm not sure why this display is not working on the OP and others...make sure a scan for codes is done, although you would think if it was a bad sensor or some other problem that it would set a check engine light etc.

I know you guys have been saying you have reset the service reminder from the MFD, but have we reset it using the VCDS scan tool, it looked like even when the dealer tries it they reset from the MFD. Try resetting with VCDS tool and see if that has more success.
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Keith, I've read all about this in the past and it depends on how you drive and other factors...its non linear...it doesn't say 9000 for the long service regime, it says between 9000 and 24000 as you quoted. The numbers are constantly changing in the display based on how you drive. All that matters is that when it tells you that its time to service the vehicle then its time to service the vehicle. If you don't want the longlife regime (I don't understand why anyone wouldn't follow this) then you can just get it serviced every 10,000 miles or 12 months, but you have to modify the service program in VCDS to follow the time and distance regime.

I don't understand what this argument you speak of can be about...not to be blunt, but if you understand how the system works there's really no argument to have. It is possible that certain driving conditions like driving short distances and infrequent use of the car or driving in extreme climates can cause the service interval to be as low as 9,000 miles. There is nothing here that doesn't make sense to me.

To the OP...how is the oil level? Its not overfilled above the line is it? Something tells me this might have an effect...not based on anything other than gut.
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