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2011 jetta sportwagen buyers beware

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1000 miles on my Jetta and have sputtering sometimes with shakey stops. seems like the fuel pump is isn't delivering fuel right. I'm off to the dealer tomorrow. Also my passenger window just started going down on its own. anybody dealt with the lemon law for washington? just 2 weeks in on this car and want to play the cards right in case they can't or won't fix. Do they have a pump that works correctly? Am I doomed and will be drinking dealer coffee for the next 100000 miles never wanting a german car again. Quality isn't what it used to be! This sucks.
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German quality is the same as it's ever been! It is possible you have a pump problem and the most important thing is to 1st lodge the complaint. The passenger window thing could be a misaligned window activating the pinch protection. Try this, raise the window all teh way up and press 1 more time, lower all teh way, press 1 more time. Does that make any difference?
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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