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2011 Golf TDI front and rear brake pads

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Does anyone know what the OEM part numbers are and what else do they fit? Are there any other pads that fit? Thanks.
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288mm front rotors (golf tdi hatchback) use pads: VW# 5k0698151 or 5k0698151a (5k0 698 151 or 5k0 698 151 a)
312mm front rotors (golf wagon in canada) use pads: 3c0698151c or 3c0698151a (3c0 698 151 c or 3c0 698 151 a)

the 253mm rear rotors (golf tdi) use pads: 1k0698451j (1k0 698 451 j)

The part number tells me that the front mk6 pads are unique to mk6 Golf. That doesn't mean that mk5 rabbit/jetta pads won't fit or work, it just means the pad is for the mk6 Golf. So I can't tell you if they work on other models or if other models will fit. The rear pads begin with 1k0 which means that it's the same as the mk5 parts. Look through the FAQ if you're interested in learning how to read VW-Audi part numbers.
Stocking up for the future or you seriously need new pads already? :p
He might be looking for aftermarket pads so there'll be greater options for the mk5 Golf.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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