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2011 Golf models have ABS based TPMS system

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Are you 2011 owners finding the SET button inside your gloveboxes? Looks like VW is trying to save some money by going the ABS sensor route instead of individual wheel sensor one.

This still works perfectly an is actually better for those of us wanting to upgrade our wheels and not worry about added TPMS sensor cost.

Check out this posting: http://forums.tdiclub.com/showpost.php?p=3090350&postcount=6
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I have a button in the glovebox, and flexible valve stems.
Dtto: 2011 Golf 4door, build date of June 2010. John
Thanks for the heads up, it's been added to the Golf buying guide http://www.myturbodiesel.com/1000q/a6/2010-2011-VW-Golf-TDI-buyers-checklist.htm as one of the differences between 2010-2011 models.
Yes my Set button MY2010 is in the glovebox but I only have the basic Flat Tyre Indicator for £35.

I've just read on another forum that you can set your own TPMS if you don't have it just using the VCDS VagCom. The only problem is you don't have a Set button so you have to use the VCDS VagCom to set it each time. ;)

How to: retrofit indirect Tire Pressure Monitoring in 5 minutes. (7K6)
This is an interesting take on an obvious cost-cutting measure. There's just no way that the ABS system is better, unless the old system did not offer actual individual tire pressure readings. It's a good thing that I stripped the aftermarket SmarTire system off of the R32 that I'm trading in on the TDI. Now I can use it on the new car. It gives actual individual tire pressures and temperatures, and has adjustable alarms for all kinds of different deltas...
I would rather have this system. Spending an extra $200 on a set of winter wheels to get sensors is ridiculous
I've just found you can buy the switch if you don't have one.

Pushbutton switch for tyre pressure warning centre console black/white

1k0 927 121 C REH - £15.45

or for glovebox switch

1K0 927 121 B REH - £15.45

but I don't know how you get the switch loom? ;)
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