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Stratmosphere is the first tuner I contacted actually. The guy there was not that confidence inspiring though...

I really don't like how they don't show any actual dyno results. I don't care about the actual power output that much, I understand that dynos are not 100% accurate, what I care about is power delivery. Seeing a dyno graph shows you exactly where the power curves are and how they change with the tunes.
Stratmosphere is the US distributor for Oberscheider Tuning, originally based in Austria, they now have a Swiss headquarters as well. I lived in Europe for a few years and can assure you that O.CT is big in Europe and technically, the real deal.

The dyno plots posted by Stratmosphere are directly from O.CT. This Plot:


Is posted here on the O.CT website:


Scroll down to the Golf 2.0 CR 140 link. As you can see, they have an extensive list of diesel applications, perhaps more than gasoline ones due to the nature of the European market.

I know Revo's flash is only for the MED17 TDIs right now, but I know a guy from the Lotus world that had Revo files for years in his TDI commuter cars and was extremely pleased with them:

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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