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2010 TDI Sedan 10k Service at the Dealer (against the advice of this forum), Problem!

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Hey everyone,

Against the better advice of some of you on this forum I decided to take my 2010 TDI Sedan to the dealer for the required 10k service.

I read on here what to watch for and I asked the dealer to please give me the remaining oil so I know what type they used and how much they used.

When I got out to my car to drive home I was pleased to see the gold 1L bottle of 507 oil. Unfortunately it only has 500ml left inside it (they put 4.5L of oil in my car). I checked the level, and sure enough it's off the scale and over full.

The service advisor I was working with came over to see why I had the hood open and I advised her they over filled the oil. She swears that's impossible, VW gives them specific amounts to use, the tech that worked on my car has 20+years experience, etc. She tells me the car has been sitting for too long and all the oil is in the oil pan causing it to read high. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think the car is supposed to sit before checking the oil level, if you check it too quickly it reads low. Never the less, I agree to drive it 20 minutes home, let it sit for "a few" minutes as the owners manual suggests and check it again. After driving 20 minutes and letting the car sit for 3-4 minutes it's still reading off the chart too high.

I called back to VW and spoke with the service advisor. Now she finally agrees that they made a mistake and put too much oil in. I scheduled to go back tomorrow morning to have them fix this.

Sorry for going against the advice of this forum, but now that it's too late to change that, I'm asking for your advice. How should I handle this situation? Should I call VW corporate and issue a complaint, speak with the dealership manager, etc? Should I just let her drain some oil out, get it to the right level and go on my way? What would you do in my situation?

Also, how hard is it on my car to drive it with .5L too much oil? Maybe it's just me, but the instant fuel consumption gauge seems to be reading substantially lower MPG than I am used to. I could just be seeing things since I am nervous about the oil level though.

Any advice is appreciated!
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Speak with the dealership manager, have the complaint on the record, and ask for some comps. Too much oil in the crankcase can foam the oil, causing minor wear due to air bubbles in the oil. The oil is supposed to be checked on a cold engine.

.1 L is nothing, .5 L is something, and 1 L is way too much. If you think about it, that extra .5 L is spread out over the area of the oil pan so it's only a little higher and shouldn't have caused too much damage from extra air bubbles in 1 day. How much higher on the dipstick was the oil level than the has marks?

If you complain loud enough, maybe they'll give you an extra year warranty on the engine or something but that would probably be at the dealership end and I doubt your engine will blow up. They'll just drain the oil a little or suck it out the dipstick.
Take your time and call VW costumer care services. And also complain to the delear manager.If your complaints are in records you will have a better chance to defend yourself and your VW.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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