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2010 TDI 2.0 140hp chip tunes starting to show up

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The 2010s have a different engine management so the 2009 TDI tunes won't work. To the best of my knowledge, this http://www.stratmosphere.com/oct_vw.htm is the only "chip" available for the 2010s. Results are the same as for the 2009s. from http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthre...oftware-now-available-from-Stratmosphere-O.CT

This performance chip will probably work on the 2010 Audi A3 TDI and 2010 VW Jetta TDI as well. They are a pretty well known company in Europe and are starting to come into the US but I don't know much about them. I do know that they have experience with European DPF exhausts but that's about it.

Also interesting is that they don't change the flash count - in other words, the dealer cannot tell that the car has been chipped by a quick scan. They would have to look further to detect the modified chip. They also say they don't solder the ECU so there must be some proprietary thing about their chip programming.
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How reliable are these? Do they affect the warranty?
Keeping my eye on this.... ;)
Agreed, seems worth a look. If the acceleration times stated on O.CT's site are legit, the improvement is significant. My car is too new to try this yet, but I'll be watching to see reports from whoever takes the plunge!
Any aftermarket modification will affect the warranty. Some exceptions are dealer backed tunes that are done at the dealer. I don't know if this tune can be done like that because their website says that you must send your ECU to them. I imagine that it cannot be done with a "flash" tool that just plugs into the diagnostic port or else they would do it.

One last thing to remember about aftermarket tunes is that they often take credit for underrated engines. One example was the BMW twin turbo 335i engine - it was advertised as 300hp but it was well known as over 330hp so the aftermarket tunes that claimed 370+ hp were very reasonable. From what I've heard this TDI engine rating isn't too far off but every car is slightly different. In addition, the car normally increases boost (and power) during an active regen to make up for increased backpressure so there must be some room for tuning.
On the website there is a picture that would indicate the ECU may be flashed with an external device, but their NY location is the only place where it can be done on a customer car. Since it is impractical for them to come to customer's locations, I guess they have to have the ECU sent in to be reflashed.
Too bad, it definitely interests me but knowing my luck UPS would lose my ECU.
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