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Picked up my car about 2 weeks ago and already have almost 1000 miles on it (have only refueled once so far).

I'm noticing some roughness in the powertrain during very specific g-loading situations. Namely, during that floaty feeling you get just after cresting a hill or when a level road transitions abruptly to downhill, the car hesitates and the power delivery gets very rough for a fraction of a second. It's noticeable enough that I can feel my upper body pitching slightly forward as the power goes away for that instant. Then it picks up and everything is fine.

I ran it by one of the service advisors at my dealer, and he suggested it may have something to do with the dual-mass flywheel, and perhaps that the negative g-loading might be disengaging one half of the flywheel.

This occurs during steady driving when I am applying just enough throttle to maintain my current speed. I have not been able to reproduce it during acceleration.

Trying to figure out if this is "normal" or an anomaly with my car. Has anyone else seen this?

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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