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I was helping someone with installing aftermarket headlights but they had a problem with the parking lights. The parking light on the driver's side would turn off after about 1/2 second and throw a code for a bad ground. The passenger side was completely fine.

It wasn't a wiring problem because I checked the wiring against the service manual and manually using a multimeter and I also checked that there wasn't a problem with the headlight by applying 12V directly to the pins and all the lights functioned correctly.

Next, I found out that the 2010 Jetta no longer have the option in VCDS to shut off the light bulb monitoring except for the rear license plate bumps. On earlier cars you had the option to disable the light bulb warning on the headlights, side markers, foglights, and turn signals. This also goes for the 2010 Golf.

The 2010 Jetta CECM module part number is 5k0 937 085 c or 5k0 937 085 g.
The 2010 Golf CECM module part number is 1k0 037 087 g

If you install OEM mk5 HID on a 2010 Jetta, they'll still be plug-play if you disable the DRL to prevent ballast damage. However, the xenon headlamp won't have the high beam shutter function. To the best of my knowledge, it's still unknown how to make them work on a 2010 Jetta because of their unique central electric module.
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