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The CJAA engine used from 2010 ( or 2011 ) up has no balancing shafts, I believe all years (CR engine) before had them. The oil pump is chain driven in CJAA as of now, and the entire balancing shaft assembly has been eliminated. Probably because the older design had reliability problem. I think they once went to gear driven balancing shaft/ oil pump and that was ok... not sure why going back to chain again.

Like some said, VW doesn't seem to keep their notes between each revisions... Diesel has more vibration by nature due to the high compression ratio, removing balancing shaft... I don't know, I thought 4 cylinder gasoline engines without balancing shaft was rough enough.

This COULD explain the problem. Mine does it too, although for me, taking off from a standing still is where it bothers me most, 1200 is where I slip the clutch and it seems to vibrate the most, clutch slipping seems to amplify the affect if it's "light", reduces it if I give it quite a bit of bite. The 2012 DSG I test drove didn't have it, or significantly less at least, I attributed that to lighter DMF and wet clutch.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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