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Neither my 2011 TDI Jetta DSG, or my 2012 TDI Golf 6MT have the Vibration you describe. They both had/have plenty of other issues though....
My Manual GOlf does make a rumbling/vibration like noise when I engage the clutch in 1st and R from a stop only. It makes a noise, but I can't feel the vibration...

VW dealers are so quick to push everything off as "normal" even when it is not. It sounds like things are the same in Canada as well. They must really not like doing warranty work for some reason. I took my Golf in to the dealer because my gearshift was shaking violently in 2nd and 4th. Of course they wasted a day and told me it was normal. I had to complain to the Service Manager, and take him for a ride and reproduce it for him, before they did anything about it. Finally the acknowledged it was an issue, and finally fixed it after 4 days.... They fixed it, but I keep finding missing parts, and things they didn't put back together correctly. Seriously, why does VW service suck so bad across the board, even in other countries!?!
Don't get me started about the car coming back with half the bolts missing from whatever was removed during the repair...werd

As far as the resonance goes, I'm wondering if it's because of the fuel hard pipes going into the injectors? IIRC there was a recall for that problem, just don't remember how recent it was.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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