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2010 Golf TDI MVI - Rattle in b-pillar

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Just took delivery of my new 2010 4 door Golf TDI and love it. With one exception - there's an annoying squeak coming from inside the drivers side b-pillar between the front and back doors.

It has a plastic on plastic sound and only happens on the drivers side (passenger side is nice and tight with no squeaks) at lower speeds (0-30) on mostly city streets (highway driving is quiet).

I have an appointment at the dealer in 2 weeks but was curious if others had similar problem????

As for my MVI - it's fully loaded with all options (DSG, sunroof, nav, xenon, Bluetooth) and I've absolutely loved it so far!
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Here are at least 3 people who had this sort of problem. Oh, and if you mention how it's loaded, you get this:
I suspect it's the weather stripping in the doors, jams and windows. Mine comes and goes; after I washed my car...silent. When it's all dry and windows are up tight it typically creaks when I go over uneven road surfaces. It's a plasticy sound.
I read that lubing the door striker/latch with lithium grease fixed this problem. You might also check that the doors are latching tightly. I've also heard that silicone on the door rubber seals helps too.
If it persists you can try adjusting the striker plates to tighten up the fit a bit. Notice a bit of excess wind noise on mine about 3500 miles in and did that to correct.
I got back from my 90 day check up today and had mentioned this problem. They gave me a package of moist towelettes that have some kind of lubricant on them or something. Apparently they are distributing these with all the Eos models for their door seals. Pretty funny.
Thanks for the suggestions. Since it hasn't gone away, I'm taking it back to the dealer in a week. I will be severely disappointed if their response is to give me towelettes.

The "plastic on plastic" squeak is coming from the b-pillar (where the seatbelt originates from) rather than the front or back door. I'll let ya know what comes from my service visit.

A pic is now included...

Well, the dealership fixed the creaking noise. Apparently they've had some problems with some of the felt in/around the door latches. For mine (a 4 door), it was improper felt/insulation around the front driver side door. They diagnosed it quickly and the noise is now gone.
driver door

10' Golf TDI 2dr black no options

driver door leaked water when in car wash. dealer adjusted door. wind and road noise from driver door. dealer adjusted door. no leak no wind noise. now door creaks and appears to be too far in. not sure what to do...

only driver door has issues. strange.
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