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2010 Golf TDI (Considering)

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I test drove both a 4door Golf TDI (DSG) Saturday. I was surprised the dealership has a 2door and 4door TDI as well as a sportwagen TDI on the lot.

I must say that the DSG transmission felt a bit strange to me. The sales rep. told me that the computer is adaptive and the transmission learns your driving style (sounds like bullshit to me to eschew doubt in a buy, my comment he was responding to was "the dsg would take some getting used to"). It felt like riding with a driver who just recently learned how to drive a manual transmission. One thing I did find interesting and I really had to pull out of the salesman was that the DSG transmission fluid change/service is $400.00 compared with a typical $99.00 charge (this conveniently falls just outside of the non-optional subsidized carefree maintenance).

The car is solid, I really found the car had pep when it needed and a generous ride. The car honestly feels more like an Audi lacking a few interior refinements than a VW to me. I'm think I'm going to hold out until January before making a decision on this. Any thoughts or experiences especially related to the DSG would be appreciated.
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I like the DSG. Dealers in the North East can't keep them on the lot. FYI, if you do buy a Golf I suggest you do it in the next 3-4 months because the tax credit will probably run out.
Darn! about the tax credit

Darn Darn Darn. As much as i am very happy to hear the TDI's are selling and my housemate was able to get a Jetta Sportwagen I just have awful timing... I was going to look at getting a Golf TDI in late summer early fall of next year after i turn in my altima hybrid (lease up in August). This is the car i knew i wanted to buy and not lease and was looking forward to the $1700 tax credit for the dsg golf.

Thanks for the great information on this site Chitty. I look forward to all the new posts and your updates on the FAQ's and buyers guides.
It's not gone, just cut in half. $850 instead of $1,700.
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