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Audi A3 TDI 8p generation "how to" index for 2010-2014 models
Updated Sept 15, 2013

Audi A3 TDI "how to" index for 2010-2014, 8p generation

Interested in the Audi A3 clean diesel TDI? See video reviews, FAQ, a buying guide, and a factory tour at 1000q: Buying guide for the 2010 Audi A3 TDI


Fuel filter change (20,000 miles or as needed, for Audi A3 TDI with CBEA engine)
2010-2013 CBEA timing belt replacement part 1: removal replace at 120,000 miles
2010-2013 CBEA timing belt replacement part 2: installation (exclusive content section, please join our community for free to view)
Engine oil change (10,000 miles or as needed)
Engine oil change using an oil extractor from the top (10,000 miles or as needed, shown on Golf but same engine)
TDI EGR valve FAQ (exhaust gas recirculation valve)
Turbo removal
Intake manifold, EGR, intake valve, and intake swirl flap removal
EGR cooler removal
Oil filter assembly and high pressure oil line removal
HPFP (high pressure fuel pump) and common rail removal and replacement
Battery part number reference
Boost or vacuum leak check
How to change the engine air filter or remove the air filter box
How to replace the battery or remove the battery shelf
Alternator troubleshooting, pulley replacement, and voltage regulator repair
EZ engine cover removal tip (forum)
Immobilizer general information ,troubleshooting, procedures (for older VW but your system is similar)
Keyless entry FAQ and programming new keys/remotes, replacing the battery (for older VW but your system is similar)
MAF technical info (mass air flow sensor FAQ and part numbers)
Diagnosing and fixing limp mode (sudden loss of power while driving)
How to diagnose and fix low or no power
(constant low power and can't rev high)
More about pumpe duse vs. common rail vs. direct injection (The Audi A3 TDI is common rail direct injection)
Starter troubleshooting and replacement (for mk4 cars but procedure is similar for mk5 cars)
Turbo upgrade guide for TDI (comparison chart)
Engine runaway FAQ (rare problem where the engine races on its own due to mechanical malfunction)
How to repair broken plastic vacuum nipple

Car Detailing

Car detailing index: wash and wax the proper way, polishing paint, using rubbing compound, clay bar treatment
Washing/waxing your car - yes, there is a right way
Polishing your paint/swirl mark removal - enhance paint shine and remove paint spiderwebbing
Clay bar treatment - make the paint feel like glass
Sticker removal - safely remove that sticker from the paint
Headlight polishing - restore the headlight plastic to clear
Wax stain removal - remove white stains on the trim
Paint chip repair
Small scratch removal


Brake tips and busting big brake myths
How to flush the brake fluid (should be done every 2 years regardless of mileage)
How to paint the brake calipers

Wheel / tire / gearing calculator

TDI specific tire size and wheel offset calculator - also shows fender clearance, offset, and final drive calculator


DIY pressure brake/clutch bleeder
TDI clutch and flywheel FAQ (your DSG automatic transmission uses a dual mass flywheel)
S-tronic and DSG transmission FAQ (All Audi A3 TDI are S-tronic dual clutch transmission)
How to DIY change the S-tronic fluid (required every 40,000 miles)


OEM VW/Audi wheel picture gallery, part numbers, and specs
How to remove the front bumper (for VW Jetta but the Audi A3 should be similar.)
How to reset window pinch protection and steering wheel sensor adaptation
How to add the rain light sensor (standard on premium plus)
Dashboard camera (dashcam) hardwire installation
How to add a hidden display for Valentine (V1) radar detector in the dashboard (Golf shown, A3 similar)
Instrument cluster display settings and menu options (for VW but the Audi A3 is similar).
Cabin air filter replacement (replace every 30,000 miles)
Correcting a fast speedometer (shown on 2009 and earlier car, may be slightly different for the 2010+ models)
How to read or decode the Audi part numbering system with ETKA
How to use a torque wrench and torque wrench FAQ
Aspheric (blind spot), convex, and flat - mirror replacement and repair FAQ
Adding soundproofing to your car and introduction to soundproofing theory
Coolant migration symptoms and solutions
Tips and tricks for the mechanic
Clearing the sunroof drains to prevent water in the interior
How to compression test the TDI engine
Making wood blocks to raise the car
fender rolling to fit larger wheels

More general FAQ at 1000 answered questions: general index
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