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2009 TDI named motortrend top 40 new car

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2 out of 40 is not bad! Both the wagon and sedan are recommended. The BMW 335d for diesel is also there.


WHY IT'S ON OUR HIT PARADE: We've long been big fans of Volkswagen's midsize sedan and big fans too of the latest in clean-diesel technologies. In the Jetta TDI, the twain meet in delightful fashion. Here's a comparatively affordable German sedan propelled by diesel efficiency, without any of that old-time clatter and smoke.

COOL FACT: Though the TDI's power quotient is a modest 140 horses, wow, does it deliver the torque: 236 pound-feet of it.

SUM UP: A genuine alternative to gasoline hybrid sedans. And a kick too, particularly when spec'd with the $1100 six-speed double-clutch tranny option.

The wagon


WHY IT'S ON OUR HIT PARADE: Here's the lower-budget answer to the A4 Avant-a stylish compact wagon with the capacity of a small crossover and sport sedan handling. We like its firm, standard heated seats, front headroom, tilt/telescoping wheel, and electronic stability control. We don't like the base five-cylinder. Buy one, if you can find one, with the new, 50-state 2.0-liter TDI clean diesel.

COOL FACT: U.S. demand for the diesel far outpaces that of the gas engine.

SUM UP: Driving dynamics and fuel efficiency you can't find in a CUV.
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I looked at the article, it's the top 40 NEW cars. I think that's pretty much the whole market! That's why they had to include the Jetta TDI as both wagon and sedan, lol! Still a good choice though:thumbsup
Check out the specs on the new supercharged Corvette - it could not be any more different than the Jetta - you can't carry 2x4s in it!
Price: $106,520
Powertrain: 6.2L/638-hp*/604-lb-ft*/supercharged V-8/6-sp manual
Vital Stats: 0-60: 3.3 sec/quarter: 11.2 sec/EPA: 14/20 mpg. *SAE certified

WHY IT'S ON OUR HIT PARADE: Pummels far-costlier Ferraris, Porsches, and Lamborghinis like a UFC heavyweight leveling a roomful of Fruitarians. Such mind-blowing performance combined with such unfailingly civil manners, almost seems anti-Newtonian. Perhaps this is what it feels like to travel through a black hole.

COOL FACT: The clearcoat UV additive used on the ZR1's bodywork costs $60,000 a gallon.

SUM UP: Very likely the inspiration for Depend undergarments.
Nice. They have worked out all the bugs in this body, hopefully the next Jetta/Golf will be an evolution of this one.
"Here's the lower-budget answer to the A4 Avant"

Solution: bring the A4 avant TDI here!
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