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2009 Mk6 1.6 TDI 105bhp SE

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Following recommendation from KeithUK , another UK Mk 6 owner saying hello :thumbsup

Had my Mk6 10 months now, currently at 16k miles.

Nothing special - SE (now replaced by Match spec in UK), so leccy windows all round, RCD310, MDI, armrest. Optional extras were flat tyre indicator plus 17" Seattle Alloys and sports suspension against the standard 16" Atlantas.

Just replaced the front tyres/tires - Falken Ziex ZE-912 have replaced the original Bridgestone RE050 (225/45/17) and so far seem just as good.

MPG averages about 51-52mpg (UK gallons!)

Also have a set of 15" steelies ready for the winter fitted with Nokian W+ 195/65/15 tyres/tires; should go on this weekend.
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welcometomyturbodies What is the Match spec?
Match spec is something specific to UK ...

To differentiate the Golf Match from the SE, it comes with unique 16-inch Croft alloy wheels instead of the SE's Atlanta wheels, but it's not just more style that the Match offers. Additional features include:

Leather multi-function steering wheel (worth £430)
DAB digital radio receiver (£175)
Bluetooth (£240)
Parking sensors front and rear (£420)
RCD 510 touchscreen six-CD autochanger (£380)
16-inch Croft alloy wheels

The SE already accounts for around half of Golf sales since its launch in the UK, and we expect the Match to be even more popular, especially in the profitable retail market. The Match models were priced at £350 more than the outgoing SE, but had £1600+ worth of equipment.

Only problem is the UK GT model now looks out of place - more expensive and other than the sports seats and the 17" wheels it looks very underspec'd compared to the Match.
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Welcome to the forum David. welcometomyturbodies

So my post must have worked inviting you to here if we've had Berisford and yourself join today. ;)

UK Golf Match spec
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