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Reviews of the Touareg2 (it's actually the 2nd generation touareg and TDI) are very good and sales have been higher than expected. It was time for those prospective Touareg owners to get some attention so I put together a buying guide and checklist for them.

Here is the buying guide with more info and detailed examples: http://www.myturbodiesel.com/1000q/treg/2009-2010-VW-Touareg-TDI-buying-guide.htm

Some interesting things: you CAN get an air suspension option even though it's not listed on VW's website. It's a hidden special order option. I believe you have to have lux package or lux limited to get it. The article explains what is in the packages and also what is in the technology and tech plus package with photos of some of the differences.
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