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2006 Jetta

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Hi everyone. I'm new to the site. So far i'm amazed at all the information available on this site. I have an 2006 jetta that has 157,000 miles on it. I know i'm going to be in for a timing belt and its looking like a camshaft replacement. The egr cooler has the typical exhaust leak at the diverter valve i believe it is called. I am planning on performing and egr delete and add a rocketchip to the ecm. Does anyone have any info on rocketchips? have they been satisfied with them?

Thanks Lucas
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Rocketchip has good reviews but he's very spotty on responding. If you can get ahold of him the customers have been happy. No personal experience but he has good reviews online.
I got ahold of him today. Next week I'm going to be sending him my ECM. For a stage 1 tune he told me i would get 35hp and 55 lb-ft, plus i can delete the EGR. He told me it would be $315 plus shipping fees. Sounds like a good idea to me compared to just replacing the EGR cooler. Hopefully it works out well, always a little nervous about sending such an important piece of the car out in the mail like that.
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