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2006 Jetta timing belt change / new member

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Hi ,

I have a bone stock 2006 Jetta TDI with 94,000 miles and it is starting to require some maintenance.

I have an on going shuttering issue at higher RPMs. I ordered a fuel filter and with the instructions from this site, will replace that this weekend. I also bought a MAF just in case and will replace that too.

I am past due on the timing belt change so I need to do that next. I was originally going to find someone to take it to, but having found this site I may do the change myself.

Some questions concerning the timing belt change:

1: Do you recommend changing the timing belt for a novice mechanic?
2: Should I buy the Bentley manual for the timing belt change? is available in PDF file online?
3: How long does it take an experienced mechanic to change the timing belt and pump?
4: How long will it take a first timer? (time is not an issue I'm just curious)
5: Likely hood that I will screw up and blow my engine?
6: In the write up there is some kind of engine brace to hold the engine, when you take out a motor mount. Can I use the beam in the garage, or is that some kind of special tool (brace) in the write up?

Thanks for the help,
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1. It depends on the person and their equipment. Some people can read instructions and follow them, others can't. No judgement but if you don't follow instructions then no.
2. There is no pdf bentley. I don't recommend their online product because of bad licensing. You can buy a book. I wrote the timing belt article so that you can DIY without the manual, but of course, see the legal disclaimers - if you mess it up, it's your own fault.
3-4 A few hours. With no complications, 6 hours if you've never done it. With complications the sky is the limit :)
5. See #1.
6. You can use whatever you want to support the engine as long as it securely holds it up. The mount has to come off and I don't recommend using just a hydraulic jack. Some people use DIY suports made out of 2x4.

Any questions, please ask, thanks for the questions!

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Thanks for the recommendations.

I shall give it a try and will report back early next year.

Just be aware that if you are a novice tool owner as well as mechanic, you might get frustrated with needing different tools you might not have. Also the timing part, where you set the gear angle on the cam, can be a little tedious to get it just right. And it pays to spend the time to get it exactly right. It
s not hard, you just have to be willing to spend a little time getting it right.

Good luck on it!!
Hi I just replaced the timing belt on my 2006 jetta tdi. I can't get it to start. BLead fuel out of fuel canister, bled the pump, at least I thought so, there's another screw by the one we bled air of that wasn't tried tho, and starter fluid. Nothing...just cranks like crazy. Won't turn over at all.
Hi I just found your post. My husband changed the belt and other parts included in the kit out today. He can't get it started now. It just cranks and cranks. Not once turned over. He bled the fuel pump, the bled fuel canister where filter sits and tried ether. Don't know if he did something wrong or what. He and his dad worked on it and are deisel truck mechanics for a living so thought he would have a good chance of getting it changed himself but this is new to him..also, where do I find your DIY for this, we found another guide online first and thnoticed t was for a 2005 and not for 2006 jetta. It was good for the 2006 golf so figured it the same. Did they get the timing belt wrong? He said they used the cam lock and the crank lock and used the special tool made for this job to tighten it..he says its acting like its not getting fuel and wonders about bleeding the injecters. any help would be extremely appreciated. thanks in advance.
OK, answered your PM. Also, post moved so that it's in 1 place.

Also, I'm not exactly sure what model you have. Is it the mk4 Jetta (square headlights) or mk5 (round headlights)?

The 2006 Golf engine is similar but different. Look through the FAQ for the mk5 (2006 Jetta) specific writeup: http://www.myturbodiesel.com/1000q/a5/brm-VW-Jetta-TDI-timing-belt-replacement-1.htm and have them double check all the TDC marks.
Thanks so much for your quirk response. Husband about to melt down. He saye its the mk5 with round headlights. He says he needs to know where the timing mark is supposed o be pointed. He knows were the mark is on the belt but needs to know the other mark. He said he got the crank tool but its the updated version so he's lost were the tool goes on cause the Vw dealership this morning says they think he got it on 180 degrees out and now he's confused. I sure hope I gave you a clue what might be wrong. And thank you once again for your invaluable help to a couple desparate people.
Show him the pictures in the timing belt writeup. It should look like those.

It can take a lot of cranking to purge out air....if the lift pump in the fuel tank has failed, it would cause the cranking to not work. Normally the lift pump gets most of the air out.

When they turn the key to "ON" but not start, the lift pump in the fuel tank should squirt fuel for a few seconds and then stop until the engine is running. He could also take a vacuum pump and suck fuel from the fuel filter return until they get most of the bubbles out. Take a look at this article: http://www.myturbodiesel.com/1000q/a5/fuel-filter-VW-Jetta-TDI-2005-2006.htm
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A few days after the filter change and new maf, I got an emissions workshop light on.

Wonder if it's coincidence? I'll swap in the the old maf and see if light goes off.

Thing runs great now though, like a new car. I can't believe the lite never went on when it was running crappy.

Is the only way to shut the light off the VAG-com?

I just braved the cold and tried my cheap obd2 code reader and it gave me code P0101. I cleared it and will see if it comes back. I'll search for the meaning of that code in the mean time.
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