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driving my 2006 Jetta TDI, suddenly lost power car abruptly downshifted and motor died, could not get it to start again.
Turned key, engine would turn, no start.
Had to get it towed to my house.
Any ideas?
Please help, I don't want to see my buddy Jetta going to the cemetery!!!
VCS scan (engine off, unable to start, key ignition on)

Address 01: Engine Labels: 038-906-016-BEW.lbl
Part No SW: 03G 906 016 AC HW: 028 101 223 9
Component: R4 1,9L EDC G000DG 7551
Revision: --H03--- Serial number: VWZ7Z0F3674404
Coding: 0050078
Shop #: WSC 00066 000 00000
VCID: 6491AE26725B89B74DD-8030
1 Fault Found:
000665 - Boost Pressure Regulation
P0299 - 000 - Control Range Not Reached - Intermittent
Freeze Frame:
Fault Status: 00110000
Fault Priority: 0
Fault Frequency: 12
Reset counter: 255
Mileage: 439575 km
Time Indication: 0
Date: 2000.00.00
Time: 21:19:31
Freeze Frame:
RPM: 2142 /min
Speed: 99.0 km/h
Load: 63.5 %
Voltage: 14.44 V
Bin. Bits: 00101000
Absolute Pres.: 1999.2 mbar
Absolute Pres.: 1387.2 mbar
Readiness: 0 1 0 0 0
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Is that the only error codes as you Report Post shows nothing?

Post the VCDS log file?

VAG Error Code: 16683/15343/15343/14914/11226/12896/7384/5171/5671/000665

EOBD II Error Code: P0299

Fault Location:
Boost Pressure Regulation - Control Range Not Reached/Low Boost

Possible Cause:
Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL)(K83) active.
Reduced Power Output.
Limp Mode.
Limp mode: What is it, what are the causes, and how to fix it for the Audi and VW TDI diesel turbo.

Hoses/Pipes incorrectly connected, disconnected or leaking.
Charger Pressure Control defective.
Turbocharger faulty.
Diverter Valve faulty.

Possible Solutions:
Check Hoses/Pipes to/between Components.
Check/Clean/Replace Charge Pressure Control.
Check Turbocharger.
Check Diverter Valve.

Special Notes:
If the Turbocharger is faulty due to mechanical/internal problems or the exhaust system is restricted (typically the Catalyst) this fault may be the end result.

When found in 2.0l TFSI:
Check Boost Pressure Control Valve (N249) (Turbocharger Recirculating Valve) for cracked rubber diaphragm. A new/optimized Valve is available under Part # 06H-145-710-D (or newer).
Rest of World (RoW) vehicles see: Technical Product Information (TPI) 2016331 for details.
North American Region (NAR) vehicles see: Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) 01-07-70 or 2013392 for details.
When stored in conjunction with misfire codes and/or fuel trim faults see the notes associated with the following faults regarding Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) failure: Crankcase Breather Valve
When found in Audi A4/S4/RS4/Cabriolet (8K): 2.0l (CAEB):
See Technical Product Information (TPI) 2031245/6 - turbocharger excessive waste-gate play.

When found in VW Golf/Jetta (1K): 2.0l CR-TDI (CBEA/CJAA):
Verify the mechanical part of the Exhaust Valve Control Module (J883) is not seized or binding.
When found in the 1.9 L TDI-PD (BLS):
Check vacuum supply from the vacuum reservoir located in the valve cover for leaks. Using a vacuum gauge, wiggle the valve cover and hose connections to check for a leak. The following photo was submitted from a customer working on a 2010 VW Caddy (2K chassis) with this vacuum reservoir problem.

As taken from my new Free EOBD II Error Codes software

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Yes, that is the only one, if it was in Limp mode it should start! i'm going to see if I can clear code and see if it is able to start

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No warning lights came on at any time.
What could cause the engine not to start?
I will check the fuel pump, just to make sure.
Other than that maybe electrical?
Anyone else have any ideas?

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Think of the problem in this way: A connection is unplugged. If there is no power to the ECU, then there will be no codes. Do you get a glow plug light, even briefly? I am not great, but if the fault is downstream of the ECU, then you will get a code. However, if no power to the ECU, then no go. However, if you have no power to ECU, then it may have been impossible to clear the one code you did have.
Wiser people than me, will have to add. It is not ready for the junk yard. Perservere!!

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273K miles on your BRM!? Good on you for keeping it going! By your first post, you mentioned it downshifted and died. Then, a no start condition followed... There are so many things that could happen. A diesel engine needs fuel, air and compression, it will run forever with those things. Those are the initial basic checks that need to be tested and ruled out as potential causes of no start. Check for fuel flow from the in-tank pump to the fuel filter. Check fuel return from the tandem pump. To shut any diesel engine off, fuel flow and/or intake air is cut off. Because you didn't mention having a catastrophic failure when the engine died, I assume the car felt like it ran out of fuel. Water in your fuel can cause engine to no-start. The fuel filter canister filters particulate and separates water. The fuel filter canister doesn’t have a drain for water. The fuel at the bottom of this canister has to be drawn out by hose and hand vacuum pump tool and examined for water contamination. Water is heavier than diesel. Hope this gets you some answers!

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Speaking about water in the fuel canister, every time I change my fuel filter, I take the canister out (3 bolts) and drain whatever is in there just to be safe.
But regarding the issue in this post, I would also check the timing belt and make sure it has not snapped. When you crank you can tell how the engine sounds, but it hard to explain. Also run the electric fuel pump in the tank (Engine -> Basic Settings -> 035 -> ON). Make sure you can hear it running. Also check all the fuses in sections A and B (Under the hood) and make sure they are all in working order. There is also ECM relay that needs to work when you turn ignition on (Marked as 458 if I remember correctly).
Also when you cycle ignition you should hear the intake flapper close, open, close again...if you dont hear it it could be that it is stuck closed, motor that drives it is blown or not getting the signal from the ECM.
Here are some ideas...hope it helps.
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