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I have a webpage with 180 pictures and a detailed description at: 2006 VW Jetta TDI 5-speed - atikovi2019

I drove the car 1,000 miles from Maryland last July and stored it at my place in Sarasota. I'll be coming back down to Sarasota around Feb. 24th for a week or so and sell to anyone interested here, otherwise I'm driving it back up north.

This is a 2006 Jetta 5-speed sedan finished in Wheat Beige with the Charcoal leather interior. It’s a one owner car with a clean Carfax report. It has 324,000 miles (and rising) but could pass for 100K. Beautiful rust-free body with shiny paint. Right fender was painted and is a shade off and has some touched up chips and scratches. Rest of the body is excellent with just a few minor dings. Very clean leather interior with no rips or tears but headliner sagging. Mechanically it runs great. Turbo recently rebuilt by Tim’s Turbos, Falls Church, VA but the wastegate hasn’t been adjusted. The hose to the actuator is disconnected so it’s always fully open and thus sets a P0299 underboost code. On the plus side, this way it’s AVERAGING 54 mpg and will get well over 60 mpg on the highway. It also has an EGR cooler delete and a Rocketchip tune so once the wastegate is dialed in, it’s a beast.

It has recent front brake pads and rotors, new rear brake pads and recent rotors, one new TRW parking brake cable, new parking brake adjustment, new Valvoline DOT4 brake fluid change, recent Bilstein front struts and Bilstein rear shocks, new Bosch MAF sensor. It has a new LCD display in the instrument cluster and a matching set of four General Altimax tires with good to excellent tread. Timing belt was done around 250K and the cam was replaced at that time. The transmission syncros were replaced not too long ago along with the clutch so it shifts as smooth as new. The engine runs strong and feels smooth while idling, accelerating and throughout the cruising range and it starts instantly whether hot or cold. The steering wheel is on dead center going down the road with no shakes or vibrations at speed, the brakes are firm with no pedal pulsations or pulling to one side when stopping and the suspension is tight. The A/C blows ice cold. I've fixed a lot of annoying and cosmetic issues. New window switch assembly, center armrest fix, new rear vents, etc. This is a car you could easily take to 500,000 miles and beyond and drive across the country today. Priced at $3,000 firm.
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