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I understand this web site is designed for TDIs but I thought I would share this info about gas Jetta air filter replacement procedures. I have difficulties unlocking electrical connectors on VW especially Jetta. I use a pocket clip flat tip screwdriver and can't unlock to disconnect connectors. Now in the case of air filter replacement procedures, Bentley and other tech info instructs the repairer to remove the MAF connector. After ten minutes of struggling, I decided to take an easier approach. I removed the air temp sensor in the air inlet duct and allowed it to hang off to the side. I followed the other procedures but when removing the engine cover, I flipped the cover over backwards as there was enough slack in the MAF wire harness. I then had access to the air filter box and easily replaced the air filter. I don't know why Bentley or other tech sources would have the repairer remove the MAF connector when the air temp sensor is so much easier to remove.

I would appreciate any info on how to easily unlock VW Jetta electrical connectors. Perhaps these same connectors are used on the other models. I've been working on cars and military equipment for 35 years and never had such problems unlocking electrical connectors as I have with VW connectors.


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