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2006 golf 1.9 tdi

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Could anyone explain to me how to bleed fuel through the system on the above car. I have little to non experience in automotve mechanics but am a mechanical engineer so know some basics. The reason i am asking is that i accidently put some unleaded into my diesel and drove it for half a mile before it died on me. I have had the fuel drained out, flushed and put 30 quid worth of diesel in. The car will start up on the 2nd or 3rd attempt after approx 30 seconds of key being turned. Sometimes it will run for a while on tik over and sometimes it will cut out after 30 seconds.
Could it be something else that is causing this

Any help would be great


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Ouch...flush the fuel filter and the pump on the engine, there's probably still petrol in there and continuning to cause damage! Flush it again and pour some diesel fuel additive to add lubrication - diesel is an oil and petrol is a solvent!
I would say that it still has gas in there. 2nd, add a nice bottle of diesel fuel additive like powerservice before you keep cranking it. What's done is done but you shouldn't make it worse.

To flush the system:
disconnect the return line at the fuel filter (it should have a "T" on it) and put it into a bucket.

turn the ignition key to on. The electric fuel pump in the tank will cycle for about 1 second. It may continue to run since the line is disconnected. This should push out any old fuel.

There may be fuel in the tandem pump at the end of the cylinder head that is still in there. Disconnect the bolt plug on it to drain fuel out there.
1/2 mile is enough to do some damage. At this point just make sure you flush the system well. Nothing you can do now but if it runs then keep driving it.
thanks guys i will try 2 bleed again and look for the other pump near the cylinder head. i will also add an additive and let u know how i get on

My car is now in the hands of vw. They are investigating what is required, sounds like the may have to replace fuel pump in tank, pipework to filter, the filter, the rigid stainless pipe, high pressure pump, injectors (all 4) and any other bits and bats. Rough guide of repairs is £5k. All for putting 15 quid of unleaded. Lucky im with churchill and fully comp, they are going to stand the cost. YES. Phew and all that.
My Golf is a 1.9 tdi S with about 80k miles anyone got a rough idea what the value is cos they may write it off.
If they do any suggestions for a new motor, considering i have 3 kids to fit in the back.
But like my turbo diesels

Keep u all updated

I think they are doing more repair than necessary because they can bill for it but good thing insurance is covering it! 5k Pounds is about $8000
jaw drops
jaw drops
:+1 that is outrageous! At least it's all new parts instead of having to worry about any kind of wear.
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